The members of the project Steering Teams participated at the meeting which has started at 15:00 CET on the basis of MS Teams platform (link to video is below

The agenda of the meeting covered a series of important topics related to the project implementation:
1. Discussing the tasks of the project stage IO3
2. Evaluating the project: meeting M2, training C1, IO2
3. Discussing the organization of the meeting during the ErasmusDays
4. Dissemination of the project
5. Preparation of the interim report

Starting the meeting Vasyl Martsenyuk and Marcin Bernas have congratulated the meeting participants on the occasion of the beginning new academic year. They have paid the attention to the importance of the project stages we are currently being executed and will start soon (IO3, IO4).
When discussing the implementation of the IO3 stage Georgi Dimitrov and Eugenia Kovatcheva from ULSIT have presented the offered requirements for the developed materials, including the sizes of text materials, necessity for multimedia resources, quizzes, scenarios its. (see below)

Olexiy Bychkov has participated when discussing on the development of the framework of the Big Data course.
The site for the planning online meeting on the framework of #ErasmusDays was presented. It is hosted on the #ErasmusDays platform.

It was offered and confirmed the preliminary program of the online meeting “Towards eLearning course on Big Data: topics and tools” (see below)

It has been planned to present drafts of all materials of the Big Data course that are being developed at the #ErasmusDays meeting.
When discussing the dissemination of the project, Facebook page in Polish was presented, together with leaflet and poster.

Dejan Rancic and Marko Mikojkovic have focused on some topics dealing with project management and preparing interim report.


The To-do-list was confirmed usp=sharing&ouid=101046534126028994548&rtpof=true&sd=true