Project "Innovations for Big Data in a Real World" ( iBIGworld ) aims to join together HEIs, business in order to address the competences and compatible job profile. This collaboration
will provide innovative solutions to develop BigData experts. Learning framework is based on IEEE guidelines for big data in Machine Learning”.

In this context, this project aims:

  • to bridge the current digital skills gap in southern Europe following the European Commission's 'e-Skills for jobs' campaign.
  • to build an ecosystem of key partners for creating an access port in underrepresented talent pools.
  • to identify the underrepresented skills, the rationale behind the phenomenon of talented people who lack the traditional credentials to land a good job and the Big Data with the most
    pressing needs.
  • to promote business opportunities, through a Smart BigData Job Hub, between Universities and business, including new Big Data -based internship programs, PhD student
    supervision between HEIs and business.
  • to envisage a range of new initiatives to ensure that these skills are adequately promoted in the curriculum, in teacher development, in assessment practices and in learning content.
    ICT, BigData and AI trends, new educational tools and learning resources to be collected, processed and disseminated through the Smart BigDataJob Hub towards the modernization
    of curricula and to further.

The iBIGworld project brings together four partners from four European countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia.
To fulfill the aforementioned objectives, the iBIGworld project includes three teaching/training activities focused on:

  • HEI trainers
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Business managers

Furthermore, the project involves the organisation of four multiplier events, for the dissemination of the four project intellectual outputs ("DataBased with good practices BigData case",
"Setup the Big Data Requirements", "BigData framework for training in HE", "Piloting").
Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
KA203 - Strategic Partnerships for higher education
Form ID: KA203-3F4A1208 Deadline (Brussels Time) 2020-04-23 12:00:00 2 / 160 EN

The project results have a notable impact on all stakeholders, which is summarised as follows:

  • On HEIs: Mitigation of the ICT "skill-crisis" by supporting the design of evidence-based reforms of curricula.
  • On students and graduates: Preparation of high BigData-skilled, empowered, motivated and self-confident future professionals.
  • On business : Sharing of knowledge and cooperation with the participating HEIs, since academic degrees (Bachelor's and Master's) will be promoted in the eyes of industry and
    market recruiters, while applied research will be conducted in their premises.
  • On society: Linking HEIs and business world is a pre-requisite, iBIGWorld aspires to offer better job opportunities for graduates and minimize the risk of unemployment, lower wages
    and poorer long-term prospects.

In order to ensure sustainability, all project outcomes are publicly available, while the participating organisations are signing agreements on post-project output sustainability.


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