iBIGworld is focused on identifying and ways to use Big Data as raised from via the internet, including social networks, web search requests, text messages, media files and data created by IoT devices and sensors, to help Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) follow the rapid pace of emerging industries.

The project aims at developing common EU competences for Big Data management skills concerning the SMEs sector, thus meeting the labour market needs of skill shortages and gaps in all sectors. At the same time the project is aimed at improving the relevance of learning provision regarding Big Data management in SMEs in order to meet the cyber market's needs in the economy.

iBIGworld foresees the development new curriculum, related to the use of Big Date to enhance the quality of management of modern ecosystems. In this way, the students will be enhancing their knowledge through the use of IT tools and by sharing aspects of training on Big Data management skill issues, and by doing so improving accessibility for everyone.

The major priority of Big Data is to enhance the quality and relevance of students' knowledge and skills, as the project aims to support HEIs to:

  • identify urgent technological challenges and needs of high-qualified personnel
  • train high-qualified students in ICT specific topics based on the skills required in labour market
  • to promote open links between Universities and industry, enhancing the relevance of higher education by supporting new ICT-based internship programs, connections between student HEIs and industry , market and industry premises.

The Big Data project supports innovation and creativity, through partnerships and inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, and strengthening the role of higher education regionally by:

  • highlighting emerging , cutting-edge technologies based on Big Data and Artifical Inteligense (AI) as pinpointed by market innovators
  • supporting open education and learning


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