Since Monday, the 14th of June 2021 till Friday the 18 th of June , C1 Teacher Training has been conducted at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
The meeting was being hold at the central building of the university as well as the building of Faculty of Information Technologies.

The agenda included very important topics concerning the project iBIGworld implementation (see link to the agenda ).

The trainings started from the presenting modern educational approaches that should be applied in the Big Data course design. Namely, Eugenia Kovatcheva has paid an attention to Design Thinking Approach and current Learning methods, focusing on background, methodology and terminology used.


The second day of the training (15.06.2021) was devoted to the introduction of the basic terms and notions related to Competence Based Framework. Eugenia Kovatcheva and Bojan Jekov have presented the basic notions of knowledge, skills, ability and competencies. A special attention was paid to relations between these notions, because they play an important role when developing Big Data course.
At Wednesday (16.06.21) the presentations about Case studies for Big Data in real life selection for the curriculum have been conducted by Georgi Dimitov.
He focused on the following topics:
- How Businesses Are Collecting Data (And What They're Doing With It) (see link to the presentation )
- How Companies Use Big Data (see link to the presentation )
- Using Data to Improve Business Decisions (see link to the presentation )
- Analysis of the 150+ Best Customer Case Studies (see link to the presentation )

Very important case study presented by Georgi Dimitrov comes from fault diagnostics modeling of induction machine (see link to the presentation )

The forth day (17.06.2021) was devoted to determining the competencies on Big Data following from the stage IO2, presentation of the main topics of the Big Data course, and defining the relations “topics-competencies”.
Georgi Dimitrov in his report “Journey in the iBigWord curriculum” showed us the main 12 topics offered to the course planned, in order to fit general pipeline of Big Data technology.
Eugenia Kovatcheva presented good practices when designing learning activities. She shared her experience have gotten from a series of online courses developed and implemented in ULSIT.

 At the final day of C1 teacher training webinar with one the most famous Ukrainian IT company was held. The link to the video is below

The list of the questions that was discussed are below
1. What are the soft skills related with Big Data?
2. What kind a hard skills are needed related with Big Data?
3. What kind of platforms, tools, languages and technologies are required to know/understand/work with?
4. What responsibilities the employee will have concerning Big Data?
5. How many people are working in a team for a specific task?
6. What kind of domain the project originates?
7. What kind of IT experts are need in Big Data?
8. What is level of skills and knowledge required?
This discussion helped significantly to choose the most important competencies, topics and tools with the purpose of designing Big Data course.

Basing on the C1 Teacher training the evaluation was conducted with the purpose to gather the opinions of all participants (see link to the evaluation results ).