On April 28, 2021, 08:30 - 10:15 CET the Project meeting was conducted. The meeting was planned and conducted on the MS Teams platform. The participants of the meeting were
Georgi Dimitrov, Eugenia Kovatcheva (University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Bulgaria), Dejan D. Rancic, Marko T. Milojkovic (University of Nis, Serbia), Oleksii Bychkov (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine), Marcin Bernas, Vasyl Martsenyuk (University of Bielsko-Biala, Poland).
The agenda of the meeting included the issues concerning the current project problems and perspectives.

Namely, Vasyl Martsenyuk and Marcin Bernas presented the results of summarizing report developed as a result of survey analysis. It was emphasized on good practice of the cooperation within the project team consisted of representatives of all partners. The report displayed the general outputs of the following research: existing training programs in the field of Big Data; Big Data labor market; existing scientific programs in the field of Big Data; competencies and skills of teachers in the field of Big Data; questionnaire for IT graduates masters and IT alumni in information systems and technologies; Questionnaire for employers; IT specifications of good practices in Big Data. The outputs are stated concerning the competencies, hard and soft skills, tools that follow from the experience and opinions of different respondents in Big Data.

Georgi Dimitrov focused on the next project stages IO2 and IO3. He paid special attention to the need of setup requirement of the Big Data course on the basis of outputs of the stage IO1. In order to pace expectancies, the course needs to be focused on the business application of Big Data. Computing competencies have to fit ACM Data Science Task Force (2021). Eugenia Kovacheva determined the main objectives of the next project stages as allowing to determine basic knowledge and skills corresponding to different features of Big Data technologies.

Dejan Rancic focused on the issues and general approach which should be followed when developing a training course on Big Data. Marcin Bernas offered to develop the course considering the general stages of Big Data (ingesting, processing, analytics, presenting, etc.). Marko Milojkovic paid an attention to discussing some managerial issues of the project.

Oleksii Bychkov offered to conduct one of the project’s meetings at Kyiv on May-June but the offer depends mostly on the uncertain situation when crossing the border from viewpoint of the pandemic.

The participants have agreed to plan the next meeting to form the Team, which will directly be setting up the Big Data course requirements.