On Monday, the 14th of June 2021, M2 Transnational Meeting has conducted at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
The meeting was being hold at the central building of the university.
The agenda included very important topics concerning the project iBIGworld planning and implementation (see link to the agenda https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rQ2UFjDjvnkgthG_z9ljzntPwF27vZBa/view?usp=sharing ).

Namely, prof. Vasyl Martsenyuk presented the main results of the IO1 stage of the project. He has started from the showing the methodology of collecting good practices in the field of Big Data. Further he has reported the results of survey analysis on Big Data, namely, related to existing training programs, job offers, opinions of academics, researchers, alumni and students, employees, and use cases. A special attention was paid to hard and soft skills of Big Data specialists required, topics covered by Big Data courses.
Link to presentation is given below:


Prof. Oleksii Bychkov presented the results of IO2 “Setup the Big Data requirements” for the discussion (see link to the report

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LWOVfyWcylLhfviR7zyn428CQz4FahRF/view?usp=sharing ). They were primarily based on the outcomes of IO1.

Initiating IO3 stage the framework of the course on Big Data was discussed. Namely, there was offered the basic structure relating basic competences and topics, i.e. the usage of competence-based approach (see link to the structure https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L5bms46NiMdoEmxFTE1cdRc8F-YB92Xr/view?usp=sharing )

Prof. Dejan Rancic announced the M3 Meeting which will be held in Nis (Serbia) in February, 2022. Accompanying trainings for teachers and students are also planned.

Prof. Vasyl Martsenyuk presented dissemination and exploitation plan. Firstly he introduced some basic notions and strategy of disseminations which includes three corresponding dissemination levels, namely, awareness, understanding, involvement and extension. The presented activities include information materials, web-sites, leaflets, brochures, media, social networks etc. Their description is related to three levels mentioned above.
Link to dissemination plan is below


M2 1


Prof Georgi Dimitrov showed for all participants to-do-list which contain the plan for the future work and presented the financial issues – Interim report , timesheets, contracts. Interim report should be prepared till 15.09.21 (see link to the presentation

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PM9dG_Qyz15Zx5eI79F-9P-XbH5RFu0K/view?usp=sharing )

A special attention was paid to the arrangement of the project budget and necessary correction (see the corresponding table

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VaKE_T-8ZU1hBy0Df9XWqO37c1cho5rX/view?usp=sharing )

M2 2

At the end of the meeting final discussion took place. The most active person was Prof Oleksii Bychkov, however all participants (Prof Vasyl Martsenyuk, Prof Dejan Rancic, Marko Milojkovic and Prof Georgi Demitorov) also took an active part in the final discussion

As a result of M2 evaluation was conducted.
Link to evaluating form

Link to to-do-list

Link to the meeting video